Development Programs

Only people can be more valuable than people. And the most important asset of every employee is knowledge.
Each person has his or own vocation, an area in which they are a pro or strive for better results. It has been proved that with good training and self-development, the human potential is almost unlimited – there are no barriers to the comprehensive development and enhancement of leadership, professional, communicative, and intellectual skills, as well as the emotional intelligence.
Why is it important to take care of the development of your team? Because the competence of employees is directly related to the development of your business and brand, the onward progress of the entire company. The effectiveness of the team depends on each individual’s personal traits and professional attributes, motivation for development and training, regular self-cultivation, and skill improvement, as well as on how much each member of the team is ready to direct their knowledge and abilities to achieve common goals.

We bring together Companies, People and Knowledge. JANSEN corporate trainings are aimed at enhancing the professional competences of each employee, identifying strengths, diagnosing the organizational climate, and effective management, as well as personal effectiveness, team development and building, and the formation of the knowledge based capital.
JANSEN one- or two-day trainings, modular programs, and workshops include both theory and case studies. Owing to such concentrated training, the team quickly adapts to new challenges and acquires effective and sustainable skills, the use of which will ensure the desired result for further extension. In addition, the involvement of the team is also increased.

During the training, your team will
• improve professional competences of each employee,
• identify strengths to achieve an overall result,
• enhance cohesion,
• master a new way of thinking or a model of behavior, and
• will receive the maximum profit from collaborative effort in the long term.
The full list of JANSEN trainings is available on request.