Speaking Art

Target audience: managers working with people – colleagues, subordinates, and customers – holding meetings, speaking before the public, and making presentations.

“Mr. Wooster, about to leave the house, tells his servant Jeeves: “It’s raining outside. And I seem to have left the umbrella in the upper living room.” Jeeves goes up the stairs, looks around the living room, then goes downstairs and answers: “You are absolutely right, sir, the umbrella is there. Should I bring it?”

Participants will get the following:

• Learn how to speak convincingly and clearly and have an eloquent tongue.
• Enjoy public speaking.
• Figure out how and why humor works and how any joke is organized.
• Find out what psyche mechanisms lie behind our ability to laugh and joke, and why it is good for health and communication.
• Learn how to make a feeble phrase funny.