Performance Management

Performance Management is a staff management process aimed at achieving strategic goals of a company in a humane and rational way.

Performance management is a process:
• connecting people and positions with the organization’s strategy;
• establishing a common understanding of what should be achieved and how and who will do that;
• ensuring that people do the right thing in the most efficient way.

The conditions of digital transformation and a rapidly changing environment require the introduction of new principles of personnel management. The traditional approach to performance management, which contemplates setting goals for a year, formalized planning of staff development and training, and annual monitoring and evaluation of employee results, is gradually losing its relevance against the backdrop of universal digitalization.

According to the results of the Global Human Capital Trends – 2017 study, the transformation of the performance management model has become one of the key priorities for senior executives. A management team wants to see an organization’s easy-to-use system that can effectively manage employee productivity in dynamically changing environments with a high level of uncertainty.
Jansen has already introduced a number of global systems for the automation of HR processes and come to the conclusion that a good alternative to them is the SAP SucessFactors platform – a product based on the sharing economy.