HR Certification

Requirements for HR specialists working at a company in the era of globalization are getting tougher every year. In addition to proficiency in the technology of human resources’ search and selection, it is also important to be able to correctly build the system of employee onboarding and engagement, to develop measures aimed at increasing the staff loyalty, and to know up-to-date techniques of personnel assessment and independently apply them in the HR work.

Our time dictates new ways of thinking and responding. The trend is that the higher the status of an HR manager at a company, the higher should be his or her professional competence, as well as emotional intelligence – the ability to understand own and other people’s emotions, manage them, and find a common language with people. A highly qualified specialist performs the role of a business partner, takes part in the formation of the employer brand and corporate culture, and knows how to attract and retain talent.

JANSEN offers a modular training program that includes an in-depth study of the Thomas System tools.

Tools of the Thomas System are not only a certain set of techniques and assessments – it is a holistic ideology of doing business allowing a person with unique knowledge to enhance managerial competencies in managing people.

You will be able to accurately predict what kind of employee the applicant will be, how he or she will behave in a particular situation, and also find the best application of his or her abilities within the company. You will comprehensively master the method of providing feedback based on the results of the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), TEIQue, and 360-degree feedback according to the practice guidelines of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Successful passing of the qualifying exams raises the professional status of an HR specialist and opens up new career opportunities.

The knowledge gained will make it possible to get to know the staff again, distribute the job roles correctly, and provide employees with growth and development opportunities within the company. You will be able to speak with each of them in a clear language and teach how to communicate with customers in the same way. The loyalty of both of them will be the best guarantee of success.