Certification Course Thomas 360, Team Audit

Jansen Capital Management invites you to take part in the Certification Course

The course provides access to the Thomas International automated personnel assessment platform for generating the 360-Degree Feedback report.

The training will allow you to:

• Master the step-by-step methodology for generating the 360-Degree Feedback report;
• To master the skills of analysis of completed reports using real cases as an example;
• Brush up on your practical skills for providing feedback;
• Based on the coaching technique, to work out in practice the elaboration of an individual development plan for the evaluated employee;
• Get access to the Library of competencies and behavioral markers in the Thomas System;
• Develop practical skills of intelligent selection of competency cards corresponding to the evaluated position;
• Learn to determine team roles within the company team according to the theory of Raymond Belbin;
• Form an ideal team profile; and
• Form effective teams based on the results of the Team Audit report.