Employer Brand

We at JANSEN know that building a strong employer brand is the strategic thrust for any company for the long run.

What is an Employer Brand? This is a value proposition to an employee as a set of associations and proposals provided by an organization in exchange for the skills, abilities, and experience that employees give to it.

Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand. If they do not believe in the brand, this will affect the customer service. Creating a strong corporate culture that helps to engage employees and instills company values ​​will have a profound effect on the brand loyalty. The eNPS tool – the Net Commitment Index or the Employer Net Promoter Score – helps you to measure the employees’ mood promptly. Its results are the evidence of how committed people are to the company’s success. If you do not achieve a high level of employee loyalty, this affects the image of the company.

The employer brand is important for attracting and retaining new people. Employees are the best source of winning new talents; therefore, retention of people already in work and creation of a comfortable environment for them will yield some dividends in the future.

What the leading companies of the world are doing to retain the most superb hands and how they form their high-quality and recognizable Employer Brand are annually discussed at the World Employer Branding Day international conference. The event hosts representatives of the global majors and will be held in Portugal in 2020.

JANSEN is an official partner of Employer Brand International in Ukraine.

In 2019, we awarded the company with the best eNPS results with a trip to Lisbon to participate in the World Employer Branding Day 2020 conference.