How much does your good name cost? Founder of the Employer Net Promoter Score (ENPS) Frederick Reichheld examined more than 400 companies and determined the following: the level of positive perception of the company by employees directly affects the level of the company’s profit.

This tool is used by Apple, Zappos, GE, Facebook, and LEGO. JANSEN made ENPS available to the Ukrainian business.

The algorithm is simple:

1. The administrator sets up an optimal report structure in the system.
2. Employees rate the accuracy of the following statement on a 10-point scale: “I will recommend working at the company to my friends who are on a job search.”
3. Employees fill out two open fields: What do you like? and What do you dislike?
Based on the results of the survey, the system determines the percentage of employer’s “Promoters”, “Passives”, and “Detractors”.

The process takes 1 minute of the staff working time, at that allowing to obtain comprehensive diagnostics even at large companies.

The score is the difference between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors. Our consultants will present a detailed report with conclusions and recommendations.

We recommend conducting this assessment on an annual basis.