Coaching Style Management

The old world is disappearing. The command-and-control management style is running its course. The era of submission gives way to an era of commitment and loyalty: it is impossible to order people to be loyal. It is necessary to gradually achieve devotion and voluntary commitment. Meanwhile, all self-imposed obligations, unlike control, are a two-way street.

Uniqueness of the technique

The concept combines several theories: coaching and the personality-centered approach (Thomas System).
Using coaching technologies, the leader selects questions based on the personality type of his or her subordinate, measures progress, and achieves even better results.

Training objective

Building sustainable skills for using coaching in management. Improving the personal performance of participants through mastering of coaching technologies to be applied in management.


• You will get time for strategic tasks.
• You will learn how to set goals for your subordinates and analyze the adequacy of actions.
• You will learn to encourage employees to self-evaluation, open feedback, and development.
• You will learn to give supportive and actionable feedback and successfully conduct interviews on staff development and assessment, taking into account the personality type of your subordinate.

The ratio of theory and practice is 30:70.