Win the negotiations

Negotiation is an ancient and universal means of human communication. It allows finding a consensus in areas where interests do not coincide and opinions or views differ.

In the process of negotiating, people want to:
– Reach a mutual agreement on the issue where, as a rule, interests clash;
– Withstand the confrontation that inevitably arises due to conflicting interests, at that not damaging the relationship.

To achieve this, a person has to be able to:
– Set clear goals and tasks
– Solve the problem
– Establish the person-to-person interaction


• Learn the principles and technology of effective negotiation.

• Master efficient communication styles.

• Develop active listening skills.

• Improve personal performance in the negotiation process.

Training participants perform individual and group practical tasks – solving problems and cases and participating in business role-playing games.
The ratio of theory and practice is 20% / 80%.