Effective team

Effective teamwork contemplates both the involvement of employees in their common task and self-reliance and responsibility for the individually performed work. Only the presence of a close-knit team enables the implementation of projects that are beyond the power of a single player – even if this player is a “star”. As a cohesive whole, the team is responsible for everything it does and fails to do.


• Enhancing the teamwork skills with a focus on synergies and collaboration.

• Formation of interaction principles based on a culture of open relationships.

• Team building and creating a common internal comprehension of the team, team roles, and the role of each participant.


• To come to grips with one’s strengths and natural talents.

• To study in theory and understand in practice the stages of team development, as well as the roles and challenges at each stage.

• Form a vision of an ideal team and outline ways to achieve a given vision.


The training is aimed at skill development and combines both practice and theory – 80/20. It includes action learning and intensive skill training.