“The end for a leader company can come very quickly,” said Bill Gates. – “You are suddenly thrown out of the positive Feedback cycle and it is often too late to change something: all the charms of the negative spiral come into play”.

360-degree assessment is an effective and reliable type of feedback that JANSEN experts recommend to subject top managers of companies to on an annual basis. Specifically for top managers, we offer a Thomas 360-Degree Assessment for 9 Leadership competencies. It does not take much time and requires only three actions from the administrator:

1. To designate relevant respondents who can provide effective feedback to the candidate.
2. To select the Leadership questionnaire.
3. To brief the candidate with the final report.
4. Based on the results, Jansen consultants will hold a session arranged to create motivation for changes. A leader without feedback is like a high-speed ship without a rudder and sails.

360-degree method is a unique “mirror” of full feedback, allowing you to see a picture of the current state of leadership competencies, thereby avoiding unexpected problems and creating the most optimal development strategy.

Thomas 360-degree questionnaire is popular with corporate clients in 62 countries. Jansen serves more than 100 customers in Ukraine.