Team audit

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” says billionaire basketball player Michael Jordan.

Jansen offers the Team Audit tool using the
Thomas System, which will help determine the level of efficiency of your team.

Team Audit is used in conjunction with the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and takes only a few hours.

1. Within 10 minutes the top management team of the company fills out the Team Audit questionnaire, based on the results of which the system builds the Ideal Team Profile.

2. Each team member fills out the Personal Profile Analysis questionnaire.

3. Reports are automatically compared by the System, which then generates a “Comparison between the ideal team and the real one” report.

The final report shows what roles the team is understaffed in and what roles are in abundance. Your company may have gathered analysts and administrators alone, with no innovators or idea hamsters.

Thomas Team Audit diagnostics allows taking effective managerial decisions.