“How can you deal with someone you cannot trust? If there is no axle in the cart, how can you ride in it?” said Confucius. Trust is the basis of successful partnerships.

Jansen offers interactive training for management and partner teams called “DOtrust”. It is based on the “star model” by Jay Galbraith, the guru of organizational design.

The ratio of theory and practice in the workshop is 10% to 90%.

After the training, the participants receive a written report and a plan of action from a Jansen  expert to build confidence in the team.

The eight-hour training includes three stages:

Pass a one-minute test, which determines the level of team involvement.

Teamwork – determination of which of the five components by Galbraith (Strategy, Structure, Processes, KPI and Remuneration, People) is problematic.

A series of exercises that help participants get to know each other better.