Zhanna Kryuchkova
Founder and Managing Partner at Jansen Capital Managementt
I am happy to welcome you at JANSEN’s website.

We are a consulting company that specializes in the development and implementation of effective human resource management strategies.

By connecting Companies, People and Knowledge, we help People and Companies realize their potential to the fullest. This is our mission. That’s how we realize our professional and human duty.

The motto of our company – "Only People can be More Valuable than People" – fully reflects our understanding of the key factor of the company's success. It is people who determine the goals, implement strategies, manage and produce. And, ultimately, all of the above people do for the sake of people and for people, turning to life their high-flying dreams.

"Dream Society", published in 2002 by the Stockholm Business School, not by pure chance, became an ideological platform of our company. I am grateful to Rolf Jensen, the author of the book, who headed the Copenhagen Institute of Futurology – one of the largest think tanks dealing with the problems of the future. From his ideas, correspondence and communication with him, I drew inspiration for the creation of the company called Jansen.

Traditionally, at the end of the consulting project, we give our partners a souvenir with the inscription "Only People can be More Valuable than People". By this we emphasize that for us the client is a strategic partner, sharing with us values, belief in their own strengths and the desire to change the world for the better.

The world that will come Tomorrow is born Today. Therefore, today it is not enough to just see, it is necessary to foresee. It is not enough to respond, it is necessary to be ahead.

We give our clients effective strategies and IT solutions that allow them to build an efficiency management system and to become a self-learning organization.

Cooperation is successful when changes occur in an evolutionary, predictable and linear manner. When this succeeds, the movement of our client's team towards the goals set becomes "an exciting journey with modern navigation".

Jansen Consulting is largely built on trust: after all, even possessing unique knowledge and approaches, it is important to share them in an atmosphere of fruitful partnership.