Advice for entrepreneurs

JANSEN gives free advice on a regular basis for entrepreneurs in order to support the development of entrepreneurship and small business in Ukraine. Monthly, we invest 1 working day into such consultations. We will gladly help you overcome difficulties and find answers to the questions of effective work with the team, delegation, efficiency, growth crisis and others. Consulting support can be obtained by leaving an application on our website or by sending an email with the subject “Advice for Entrepreneurs” to our address: We will contact you and invite for consultation at the earliest available time.

The program of business consulting services

The EBRD provides a unique opportunity for the further development of your business.

Social project “Development of young talents”

Our future is today’s ambitious and talented students. And it is up to us to give them a chance: to provide students with relevant knowledge and skills for further employment, to give an opportunity to improve in the field of their education and professional interest.

The social project “Development of young talents”, whose goal is to prepare students and graduates for labor market requirements and help in identifying their own strengths and areas for development. We conducted a series of workshops for university students in Kiev within the framework of this project.