JANSEN activities are based on the daily implementation of our mission: we connect Companies, People and Knowledge, we strive to help People and Companies realize their potential to the fullest.

Our business strategy is based on the principles of sustainable development and environmental friendliness in all our projects and interaction with our employees, clients and society.

We maintain a high level of corporate responsibility and pay special attention to ensuring that each of our actions has a positive impact on the development of society at all levels.

The main Circles of Influence of the Company are:

1. The company’s internal environment (employees)
2. The business environment
3. Society
4. The environment

Internal Environment

The secret of the company's success is in the talents of its employees. We welcome and strive to promote the development of our specialists as much as possible. We have internal training programs, assessing the effectiveness of our employees.

We do our best to create optimal working conditions and unlock the potential of each employee.

Business Environment

Business is the driving force of the economic development of society. Our company strives to support the development of entrepreneurship and professional business environment in Ukraine. We are open and willing to share our experience and provide consulting assistance to beginning entrepreneurs. We believe that tomorrow many of them will become world leaders and will adequately represent Ukraine in the international market.


We believe that quality education is the foundation for the development and formation of society. We participate and create projects that contribute to the implementation of our mission: opening up of the potential of each person and institution to the fullest. JANSEN supports the initiatives of international youth organizations, conducts educational activities for students and active youth, promotes the development of a professional administrative apparatus of city and state administration..


Our company considers it our duty to care for and protect the environment. The company operates under principles of saving natural resources in the office. We completely abandoned the use of disposable plastic, replaced the plastic garbage bags with those that quickly decompose, significantly reduced the document flow in the company through the introduction of cloud technologies. JANSEN seeks to reduce its negative impact on nature and promotes the rational use of natural resources.