For us, the process of people management is aimed at achieving the strategic goals of the company in a humane and rational way.

Management of values ​​and goals, as part of this process, allows a person to organize work on creative tasks, encourages initiative and does not have a rigid hierarchical structure.

One of the postulates of the company’s work is “thinking at each table”. This involves each employee’s mental work, which ensures the growth and development of the organization as a whole.

Knowledge is generally available. Transparency and openness of information is the value guideline at JANSEN.

The employee proactive approach is desirable for the organization. Each employee can apply for participation in the project that interests him or her.

Training and self-study are a mandatory process for all categories of the company employees. Training and development are a part of the employee motivational program, which is included in the compensation package.

Within the culture of the company, feedback and coaching are practiced on a regular basis.

In addition to training, education and instructional system provided by the company, there are formalized and transparent requirements for employees at each level.

We create an environment in which you can:

  • easily
  • with high quality
  • comfortably
  • and freely develop.