Jansen Capital Management

The leading consulting company in the field of human capital management (HRM)

Since 2007, we specialize in the introduction of innovative and technological approaches in management. Our expertise in the field of HR and IT contributes to building an integrated HRM-system in our client companies. 

We help the leading companies operating in the CIS market to find the best solutions in the field of personnel management. 

Our services cover a number of basic functions, such as employee assessment, training and development, personnel performance management, HR process automation, etc.

Our innovative approaches contribute to the implementation of the business strategy and the continuous growth of the organizational efficiency, as well as the creation of a motivational environment for talent development that gives people confidence and their minds great mood.

Our Mission

We connect Companies, People and Knowledge. We help People and Companies realize their potential to the fullest.

  • An open self-learning organization in the Business & Fun style.

Company Motto
  • Only People can be More Valuable than People

The Company’s Values are:
  • Efficiency
  • Uniqueness
  • Partnership
  • No Borders