JANSEN is an example of a successful intellectual company.

The company’s motto is Only People сan be More Valuable than People.

The secret of the company’s success is in the talents of its employees.

Our work is based on the Principles:

  • Person / Company

The company purposefully accepts people for whom the main motivating factor is the thirst for a new mental experience. In other words, our employees feel that the acquisition of knowledge is as an unconditional value.

  • Loyalty to Work / Tasks

Professional approach and love for what you are doing. Every new project is like the next life.

  • Balance: Work / Family

We believe that the combination of work and family interests is a way of preserving our competitiveness in the market.

  • The process of lifelong learning

Education is only the first stage of possessing real knowledge. Self-study and self-development are the core values ​​of our company.

  • Competences / Development

Development of professional competencies as an internal need of each employee.